The secret of Innovation for the future of Dementia Care is going to be gathering genuine insights and collaboration. I am available to work in a variety of ways – services include:

Service Design Consultancy If you have a service that includes dementia care
you can bring me in to review your service, map out the service functionally and research different users, research and map end to end experiences for users and staff, create service blueprints, facilitate creative workshops with your teams to help you innovate.
I can bring in established partners to compliment this work, depending on your business/project needs.
You could be running/managing an individual service or be responsible for a whole service ecology that meets the needs of customers/patients/clients.
Service Design Dementia Care Associate Bring me in as a specialist consultant on your project – combine my professional skills and personal insights.
You could be a service design agency, social design agency, local health/authority department, services brokerage.

Talks A general presentation of my experience and insights so far…
or available to take commissions.
Consultancy Bring me in as an Expert: Sharing, Reflecting, Testing, Collaboration on other peoples projects
Research I am happy to collaborate on academic research projects

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