Attitude and mindset are everything

Coming to terms with dementia is not just something that a patient or family carer need to consider. Dementia is a particularly hidden world and the stories that get to the news headlines are the ones that instil fear in us most.

I read a website the other day that combined a set of messages on dementia in a particularly insensitive way… something like this:
– Just got a diagnosis? Get your information on the dementia condition here…
– Want to avoid getting dementia? Here’s how…
I’m so glad that wasn’t the information we saw when Dad got his diagnosis a few years ago. The combination of ‘here’s how to get help on diagnosis’ and ‘how to avoid it’ ie. you’re too late, are highly insensitive and perpetuate the culture of fear that sits around the disease.

On reflection and considering my new move into Service Design & Innovation Consultancy I had the following thoughts… it’s just the beginning.

Innovation Time_s

I can see that this is a journey for us all… whether it’s a personal or business issue, there’s no doubt it takes courage to embrace and face especially when it includes someone close to you. But if we can all find the courage to move along this journey and services can be developed and become more open and collaborative then we may all benefit. There’s no doubt that there’s a big space for research, but let’s spend time and energy on those services that will help us and our relatives who will not be able to avoid it in coming years.

Making dementia care services work financially is a bump in the road I am well aware of, so innovation and creative thinking is going to be needed by us all. It’s good to prevent diseases, but when you know there’s a tsunami of care need coming towards us (if projected diagnosis figures are correct) then we need to come out of denial now and give that our attention. Let’s explore…