Digital Tools for Dementia

wecaredesign_world_shareI was recently invited to speak at the first #mHealthHabitat show and tell event in Leeds. Part of an innovative NHS programme being run in Leeds by Victoria Betton. Along with two other speakers we explored what was happening in health and care in the digital world or in my case how the digital world was helping me in my role as a family caregiver and care manager.

After a year of many informal conversations with people in the health and social care world in Leeds I had the chance to tell the full story of how my family use digital to make caring work and easier. With my story having both a professional and personal dynamic I was tempted to run away after the talk was completed… who am I with all these professionals listening? But something different happened. People really were engaged, had learned and understood my story and were interested to collaborate – the power of story telling vindicated once again.

Alicia Ridout awarded me the title of Honorary OT – a high complement indeed from one of the leading health innovators in the city. Over the past five years I have become an underground expert family caregiver and care manager and in combination with my professional digital communication and innovation interests it seems I do have a story to tell that people need to hear.

A few months later, I have now been able to use this talk as a starting point for a #mHealthHabitat innovation workshop with dementia service providers in the city. This is opening a wider conversation on both the opportunities for big changes and small changes that will help us move towards our city goal – to make Leeds a dementia friendly city and a great place to be supported as an individual with dementia and as a family caregiver.

Most recently I have also re-run this talk and presentation with Volition, Carers Leeds and Leeds Community Foundation to look at further opportunities. If you’d like me to come and share this talk and story with you and your organisation please let me know.




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